45degress and 55 degress

What is the difference between 45 degrees and 55 degrees of tungsten steel end mills? Tungsten steel end mills are also known as carbide end mills. The hardness of the tool itself is generally between HRA88-96 degrees. If the hardness of the surface coating is added, it is more than this hardness.
But the finished tool is generally called by the hardness of the processed material: as common in the market: 45 degree end mills, 50 degree end mills, 60 degree end mills, 65 degree end mills, 70 degree end mills.
The degree behind the number refers to the hardness unit of the processed material is HRC Rockwell hardness, and also refers to the hardness that can be processed. The 50-degree milling cutter can process HRC50-degree steel, such as S136 die steel.
There are mixed tungsten steel milling cutters. For the hardness range, some sales will cater to buyers and there are also false reports. In reality, there are only three or four hardness milling cutters of 50 degrees, 60 degrees of milling cutters, 70 degrees of milling cutters, and aluminum and copper. Use a milling cutter (generally not talking about hardness). Therefore, it is recommended to find direct manufacturers to buy tungsten steel milling cutters.

Post time: Aug-29-2021