Covid-19 influtes the Carbide Tool Industry

As the global epidemic continues to increase, raw materials for manufacturing have been rising since 2019, especially steel, cobalt, molybdenum and cemented carbide. Since the second half of 2021, well-known domestic and foreign companies such as Kennametal, Sumitomo of Japan, Jiangxi Tungsten, and Xiamen Jinlu have raised the prices of raw materials, including the prices of cemented carbide,carbide rod, carbide end mill, carbide burrs.
China is a major exporter of cemented carbide in the world. In the face of various countries issuing additional currencies to revitalize its economy, the prices of raw materials have to be increased. Therefore, our mainstream cemented carbide rods, cemented carbide plates, cemented carbide end mills, and High-quality alloy rotary files, CNC blades, high-speed steel milling cutters, etc. are all likely to rise. In the future, the price of cemented carbide industry will generally maintain an upward trend

Post time: Jul-24-2021