On the future development of cemented carbide rotary file industry


Since COVID-19 in 2019, all international exhibitions, large and small, have basically been cancelled. International participation in the rotary file has become a headache. What about the future development of this industry?

  In the production process of cemented carbide rotary files, in order to further improve the service life of the tool, it is generally necessary to have an exterior coating on the tool. The exterior coating can not only reduce the chip removal function, but also extend its service life.

The outer surface coating of cemented carbide rotary file is generally divided into the following types, aerobic titanium carbide coating, titanium aluminide coating, titanium oxide coating and diamond-like carbon coating.

   As far as the titanium oxide aluminum oxide coating is concerned, it is attributed to the high wear resistance and high hard coating. This cemented carbide rotary file has a good comparison of oxidation resistance and chemical stability. This tool is suitable for cutting high-alloy steel and stainless steel. Regarding the titanium oxide coating, it is mainly suitable for processing rusty iron parts and steel parts. This kind of coating is a relatively general coating, which can reduce the friction coefficient of the tool surface during use.

    Accurately knowing the outer coating of carbide rotary files is very helpful in selecting tools. What are the advantages of choosing a cemented carbide rotary file? The editor of the cemented carbide rotary file will introduce to you, the main contents are as follows:

With the increasing competition in shopping malls, it can be said that with the integration of the global economy and the intensifying competition in shopping malls, business in all walks of life has become more difficult to do. Even some famous companies at home and abroad are due to the fierce competition in shopping malls. In the end, I lost the battle and couldn’t choose to close the door. I believe many people would say that there is no career that has the potential to continue to develop? Of course, the answer is inevitable, that is, the cemented carbide rotary file.
To sum up, due to the wide application of rotary files, although it has been affected by the epidemic, the demand has not changed, and there is a possibility of increase.

Post time: Jul-24-2021